Missing Tribe by Missing Tribe

Out on: Spirited Records


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Executive Producer / Composer Hamid Noori

Mastered by Misha “Whirlwind”

Cover Art/Visual Concept
Gihan “drushya” Mackay

Official Label
Spirited Records™


Hamid Noori, born in Shiraz – Iran. Moved to UK in early years, His love for Psychedelic music developed in 2001, after attending Psychedelic parties, all over UK. The music modulate his mind, that he decided to take fate in his own hands and started mixing and producing music. He has been playing since , 2006 (UK/INDIA).

Missing Tribe is a blend of styles, with a high energy Bassline that assists the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, is more about sound texturing and complexities in the high percussion, with more of a groove feel to the music, gives a Driving experience, with the Melodic and Dark materials. The speed of his music (146 bpm – 180 bpm) He has been playing at various parties all across India after moving to India in 2012.

Missing Tribe, also played in various Psychedelic festivals, and shared the stage with many artists in India.



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