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Spirited has always been much more than a multimedia project – “Spirited” it is a way of life and a movement. The vision of Green Spirit Movement is to encourage a positively contagious way of living, inspiring all aspects of the human experience. This creates conscious and harmonious symbiosis with our planet through re-introducing organic ways of living to the communities of rural areas in Sri Lanka and eventually other countries.

Mission : Conscious Community Concepts in balance with nature to induce a positively contagious harmonious way of sustainable living.

This will be realized primarily through these three areas:

Re-Introducing Organic Agriculture
Community & Eco-Tourism
Youth Empowerment: Educational Children Programs and Workshops – (training and sound research)


Within the first three months, the Green Spirit Movement aims to accomplish the following initiation steps:

Organic Agriculture:

– Re-introducing organic agriculture through educating the village community about nature friendly solutions for fertile soil – Eco-friendly growing
– Natural pesticides and basic permaculture knowledge

Practically this will be realized through a range of workshops. These will be conducted in collaboration with local like-minded organic agriculture based NPO’s, and also through creating a model garden on the donated land.

Community & Eco-Tourism:

Sri Lankan communities will benefit in many beautiful and empowering ways, co-creating and sharing their colourful and rich cultures with visitors from all over the world. This will also give the tourists the opportunity to have an authentic experience of the local culture, as well as insights into organic agriculture. Tourists will be able to live within the communities and introduced to the local way of life with authentic Sri Lankan accommodation and food at fair rates.

The activities will include:

– Experiencing the village daily lifestyle
– Working in the organic gardens
– Jungle tours
– Learning about the traditions and culture of Sri Lanka

The village community will be trained and coached through seminars and workshops empowering them with skills to help facilitate this vision.

The Sri Lankan Tourist Board has attempted to implement these ideas for a while, but still have not had a solid campaign set to promote the concept further. However, we offer practical solutions and empowering educational methods to implement the idea among the village community through consciously conducted workshops.

Youth Empowerment: Educational Children Programs and Workshops:

Empowering the incredible hearts and minds of the younger generations are priceless pearls in the expansion of any vision of creating harmony and unity.

It is mandatory to educate the younger generations about the present system, and bring back lost values and knowledge, such as ancient agricultural methods that are in alignment with the planet and the ecosystem. Also combining them with beneficial modern technology, and educating them about eco-friendly living-concepts help to anchor in these sustainable practices.

They will begin with the following:

– Art Workshops
– Film camp – 4 educational films within 2 months
– Village band – Getting the youth involved by forming a band

Within the first three months, the goal is to establish and complete the first Bio Home, including a Recording Studio & Sound Research Center and the completion of the organic model garden.




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