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We are now planning out our volunteer and internship programs for the month of August. In support of promoting Community Tourism within the allocated GSM locations we have included many options to make your experience much more interesting.

GSM offers both Short and Long Term volunteering opportunities,
(Less than 2 months – short term / more than 2 months – long term)

Please do find below our Volunteer programs for the month of August 2015

Short Term Volunteering Programs (2 months)

Volunteering at the GSM organic farm in Kurunegala

-Learn local organic farming methods while volunteering
-Learn to build your own organic garden space
-Learn and experience daily village life
-Jungle Tours and experience Wild Life
-Experience stay in a local village family house recommended for community tourism

There are both camping spaces with tents and mud house options to choose while your stay within the organic farm, along with daily meals provided by the organic garden itself, with adequate village kitchen space provided for self cooking. Paid meals can be arranged through request via local village for your daily consumptions for fair rates.

There a number of recommended village houses to choose from if one wishes to experience and support community tourism. A stay at a local village farm house, with total experience of sharing both cultural values and educational in exchange for very fare rates. Community Tourism is promoted more through GSM as it allows opportunities for small communities to step into Eco-Tourism concepts and encourage them further.

Island wide budget tours can be arranged under the category of green tours and we are able to plan out your full island wide tour for your budget. August is also the “Esala” Parade Season, one of the most cultured historical events that has been happening throughout Sri Lankan History, from the Kandy Hill Capitals and is one of the most known tourist attractions in the country at this time of the year.

Long Term Volunteering Programs (4-6 months)

Volunteers have the option of choosing more than 1 allocated locations to contribute within the GSM network and even shift in-between locations for a more expanded view of the network

-Learn local organic farming methods while volunteering
-Learn to build your own organic garden space
-Learn organic constructions while building your own mud house / dome
-Contribute on Sound Research projects
-Contribute on Green Energy projects
-Jungle Tours and experience Wild Life
-Experience and help develop community tourism
-Contribute on special social projects and workshops

If you wish to join the long term program, we are more than happy to connect one of our agents for further assistance, on your request,
Please do send in any questions you have in regard and looking forward.

Community Tourism

An inside look into the community tourism and volunteer programs that are actively running in active GSM sites and location.
Enjoy the local hospitality and experience culture, Explore organic farming and bio home construction, get involved and be a part of the green revolution!

write to greenspiritmovement@gmail.com
to receive your volunteer programs and for further information on community and eco-tourism programs.

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