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REACH NEPAL is a Fund raising and awareness campaign to support Nepal after the recent catastrophic occurrences. Reach nepal is currently supporting the organisation Shyam Bhadur Thapa Memorial Trust to raise funds for their current construction  of their village school. As it would also support and let the get through the monsoon.

The Samundradevi Higher Secondary School (HSS) is a government academic institution located in Samundradevi Village, Nuwakot, Nepal. It is the only free school in the area that provides eduction from the nursery level to the school leaving certificate (SLC) level, grade 10 completion certificate. They have also started providing education and examination preparation for the 11th and 12th grade students but that is still in its nascent state. There are other option but that means going into other villages or coming to Kathmandu, both of with are not economically or logistically feasible for many. Samundradevi HSS is a coeducational institution that boasts a very healthy female to male ration and in some grades the females heavily outnumber the males.


LEVEL                    MALE - FEMALE
NURSERY                    12 - 17
LKG                        10 - 7
UKG                        16 - 13
GRADE 01                   15 - 17
GRADE 02                   14 - 08
GRADE 03                     N/A
GRADE 04                   17 - 13
GRADE 05                   03 - 09
GRADE 06                   25 - 49
GRADE 07                   26 - 22
GRADE 08                   19 - 25
GRADE 09                   25 - 26
GRADE 10                   12 - 31

Table: Nursery to Grade 10 student numbers.

Figure: Percent distribution of students from Nursery to Grade 10.

This is due to years of academic prioritization initiatives and gender equality campaigns. The school aims to be a truly comprehensive free academic institution that provides more than the SLC and even the 11th and 12th grade preparation for entry into the undergraduate level, which have 11 and 12 students enrolled respectively. We believe the cornerstone to Nepal progress and future is our youth and making sure that that every youth, regardless of gender, caste, ethnicity, and social status gets an equal chance. Nepal has made great progress in the last few years to achieve this but unfortunately nothing can stall natural disasters like earthquakes but we can rebuild better and stronger buildings and institutions to enable our youth to not only rebuild Nepal but bring everlasting change and progress. The biggest threat to inequality is education and we would likely to humbly ask your help to help us realize the dream of eradicating inequality in Nepal, one village at a time.

450 students, coeducational, only free school in the vicinity that provides education from grade 1 to 10th. other option is to commute to other villages or come to Kathmandu. Everything was normal before earthquake and education prioritization efforts were coming to fruition. SLC exams were just around the corner before the earthquake hit and has totally disrupted the academic session. Education ministry says they cannot allocate or disperse any funds or assistance for the next two years.



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