Twisted Dimension

dutch // leiden



Melvin van Duin A.K.A. Twisted Dimension, is a psytrance producer living in the Netherlands. First contact with electronic music was in the year 2004, mainly deep underground bass music such as UK Garage and UK bass. From that point the interrest in music production became a huge part in my life. Started of with a music app for mobile phone’s, here i learned a lot off the basic things for producing music such as beat patterns and compiling melodys. After 6 years of fooling around with simple programs i bought myself my first DAW software FL Studio (which i still use today). Also around this time the first contact with Psychedelic infused music was made under the influence of some very magical mushrooms, and i absolutely loved it. From that point i began to focus myself mainly on the production of Psytrance under the name of Twisted Dimension. After a couple of years i was finaly happy with the music that came out of my head and decided to send some of my tunes to the music label Spirited Records where, i was happely invited to the label to release my first EP Disorted Reality. From this point on there will be more to come, recently began on a full lenght album which is almost finished. So stay tuned for some Twisted tunes from Twisted Dimension.



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