Trauma Epileptica

dutch // amsterdam



Trauma Epileptica is a special musician on it’s own. A mucisian you could describe with many words. In 2009 Trauma Epileptica got itself a bassguitar and started learning music theory and followed lessons. Trauma Epileptica’s main focus was playing funk, but in that period the taste of music was very different and oxymoron since Trauma Epileptica almost always listened to heavily obsecure and underground crustpunk and grindcore. Later in 2012 Trauma epileptica discovered psytrance, and was invited to a rave organised by friends in the woods. The music did not suit Trauma Epileptica’s taste. There was a lot going on to Trauma Epileptica, a hard past to deal with that caused isolation and depression. At some points the manifestation of the problems got so intense that alot of different thoughts and behaviour popped up. Suicidal, destructive, and introvert behavior. This depression lasted till november 2015 where Trauma Epileptica was invited to another psychedelic multi-rave organised by friends from the underground and then at once Trauma Epileptica fell in love with the genre’s Darkpsy, Hi-Tech and Psycore. It was like a total purge. Everything that caused insanity and negativity was whipped away. The depression that lasted 10 years ended at once. From that point Trauma Epileptica became highly optimistic about life itself and started producing Darkpsy. The main goal of Trauma Epileptica is to reach the deepest core of the soul and reprogram the mind. The mission to change the face of music and let the crowd experience something new and intense is what Trauma Epileptica wants to achieve.



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