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Synatic started his life journey true sounds when he was 16 years old.
His riddems and beats are not following the money makers but following what he really love to make.
When he was 20 years old he put his feet officially in the psychedelic scene.
By starting his carreer by global aura record label from the netherlands where he couldn’t get the last sparkle of interest in his music.
But he keeps going with his soul gathering true life and music to producing beats with a influence of dark progressive sounds with tiny spirit of the joyfull melodies following by distortions leads or nice rare defined basslines.
He thought by himself lets first put his soul in to the producing mode.
It was for him more clear then anything else, better know what you make and doing before you spread it to the world, instead of thinking you know how to roll…
After 8 years of hard work SPIRITED RECORDS has showed his interest in his music because its something different.
People around the world cannot place it so good in what kind of mind he is spinning, but for sure we noticed that he is bringing some new socks around the jumping psychedelic feet of his music lovers.
And everytime when people hear it they Love it so he know and we knows that he can put his footstep in the psychedelic world with his mindcrafted dark/progressive/full on/forest music, listen and enjoy his spirit that he puts in the music provided by Spirited Records Europe/Mexico from India.



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