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Spirited is a multi-cultural artistic synthesis, specialized in creating consciousness-expanding organic music that triggers an orchestra of emotions while taking your mind on a psychedelic journey. The music is entirely self-created and cannot be verified by any genre of electronic music. The Music creates fascinating soundscapes by integrating nature sounds, healing frequencies, stimulating trance beats, traditional instruments and transforming spiritual messages that tune your brainwaves into multiple dimensions of consciousness. Born in 2012 resides in the pearl of the Indian ocean this tropical duo transcends ravers and stompers from their feet through the healing sounds of being Spirited.




 2015 Channeling Lyra by Spirited™ ft Victoria Vives


Channeling Lyra is the fist collaboration project between Spirited™ and Victoria Vives. Sacred sound has been designed and conceptualized by Misha Whirlwind. A channel guide to the 11th dimensional energy of the constellation Lyra in all solfeggio 285Hz-528Hz-825Hz frequencies along with the soulful angelic vocal attributes from Victoria Vives.

2014 Primordial Resonance – (A subconscious ride to freedom) 8 Track Album by Spirited


1.Ride 4 Revolution (Primordial Resonance) 11:17
2.Inspiral Vortex (Primordial Resonance) 09:13
3.Freedom (Primordial Resonance) 13:44
4.Tranceducer (Primordial Resonance) 07:08
5.Spirited – PLUR (Primordial Resonance) 11:01
6.Psilocybe Species (Primordial Resonance) 07:49
7.Aeon (Primordial Resonance) 08:27
8.Sanative (Primordial Resonance) 10:55

2014 Return of the Cosmic Goddess by Spirited


1.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Return of the Cosmic Goddess 04:39
2.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – OBE (Out of Body Experience) 09:05
3.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Law of Attraction 13:08
4.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Love 08:08
5.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Source 05:48
6.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Fear 05:30
7.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Abundance 04:49
8.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Visualisation 09:55
9.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Leading Edge 09:12
10.Spirited Ft Teal Scott – Awakening (Meditation Guide) 12:05

Spirited’s 3rd and final Global Release for the year of 2013 and the First Global Release for 2014 “Return of the Cosmic Goddess” featuring our very own The Spiritual Catalyst AKA Teal Swan.

 2013 Cosmic Ancestors by Spirited


1.Far Away World 05:57
2.Tree Wolves 03:48
3.Refrigerator Full of Drugs 08:00
4.Flight Over Babylon 06:20
5.Dancing with the Dreamers 04:30
6.Tantric Remedy 07:54
7.Saraswathi Express to Cokabana 09:14
8.Sunrise over Thaprobane 05:13
9.Seetha’s Psychedelic Garden 06:41
10.Through the Stargate 08:07
11.Space Dolphins 06:17
12.Cosmic Ancestors 07:17

 2013 EDM City Empire of Sounds Feat DSharp (Original Violin Mix)
by Spirited

empire of sounds

This project was made possible by our good friend Srinath Ramamoorthy the founder of EDM City, and many thanks to DSharp for his utmost support to the Sri Lankan original EDM culture.

 2013 Elusive Paradox by Spirited

1.Astral Cruse 07:25
2.Raining In Wonderland 12:30
3.Awaken Terra 09:08
4.Riddle Box Cant Stop 04:25

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