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“Mind Map” is a group of artists from different genres mapping people’s mind with experimental psybient music. It’s a mixture of Rhythm & soulful melodies to psychedelic rare instrument sounds.
We are in a process of crossing barriers, borders & limits of genre of music to unite it all under one roof of “Global Music”


Bankim– Lead Guitars.
PsyDidge aka Abhijith – Didgeridoo, vocals & Psy sounds
Avinos – Bass, Rhythm Guitars and other instruments.
Deepak on percussions – Custom made gallery of Percussion instruments.
Shreyas Sel on Drums & Other percussions
Preetham –Synth & Vocals
Kiran Singh aka Trinetra Creations – Artwork

Record Label: Spirited Records

Featured Artists for Joint Ventures
The Indus Valley Project, Bangalore.
GaliDurgappa, Hampi
Didgeridoo India
Abhijit Kishan on Synth & Midi
Akshay on Tabla
Seedy Baja, Zoultu and many more

Milestones / Gigs
Free style jamming @ White Elephant in Mystical land of Hampi.This was the first official Mind Map Jam, Bliss of the stones and mystical vibes of Hampi.
Drum & Air setup live @ Orion Mall as part of Startup festival March 2013 with Kitsch Mandi, Bangalore.
Drum & Air setup live @ Street Jamming Kormangla as part of Kitsch Mandi Neighborhood Art Festival March 2013, Bangalore.
Experimentalsetup live @ Pebble as part of Kitsch Mandi Neighborhood Art Festival & Startup Festival March 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map music from waste – An environmental initiative by Mind Map @ AcharyaHabba 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map live @ Sunday Jam April 2013– A “Joint venture” with friends from Indus Valley Project – was featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper, Bangalore.
Psy Didge “Joint venture” with friends from Indus Valley Project @ Xtream Sports Barpowered by Tommyjams Bangalore –Kammanahalli.
Drum & Hapi tone setup as part of Mind Map “Joint Venture” with Galidurgappa from the magical land of Hampi @ Shanti Guest House café Hampi April 2013.
Acoustic setup with HAPI Tones live @ Sunday Jam May 2013 – was featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper, Bangalore.
Experimental setup – live @ Phoenix Market city on June.2013 powered by Tommy Jams, Bangalore.
Drums and Air setup a part of Mind Map “Joint venture” featuring GaliDurgappa from the mystical land of Hampi – live jamming @ Garage Jam powered by Magma studios as part of “World Music Day celebration” 21st June 2013. We launched a new musical instrument conceptualized and made by Deepak called the “TUBOLA”. A detailed article and interview of the artists featured in Deccan Herald, Bangalore.
Drums& Air setup live jamming featuring Vikram on Bass guitars @ Open Mic brunch – Veekes & Thomas Kormangla 28th June 2013 with Score magazine, Bangalore.
Experimental setup – live @ Sunday jam July 2013 powered by freedom jam, Bangalore.
Drums & Air setup live jamming @ Hampi – (The Other side of Hampi) joint venture with Gali on various instruments, Hampi July 2013.
Mind Map live Experimental Setup at August Rush powered by Garage Jam and Sonido Musicals, 15 Aug 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map Live Drum and Air Set at Freedom Jam Electronica and Acoustica, Aug 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map Drum and Air set at Phoenix Market City Bangalore 5th October 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map on tour to Hampi, Live jams at 11th to 15th Oct 2013, on the other side of Hampi.
Mind Map Live at Garage Jam – Sweet children of Music. Mind Map and friends from The Indus valley project, Didgeridoo India, Psy Didge club jam for a cause – Fund raiser show on 1st Nov 2013, Bangalore.
Mind Map live at December edition of Sunday Jam 1st Dec 2013, Experimental Set, Bangalore.
Mind Map experimental setup – Soul cleansing set featuring Abhijith Kishan on synth and Akshay on Tabla at Our Native village resort Dec 2013, Bangalore.
New Year celebration jam sessions with friends – sunset to sunrise @ Goan café – Other side of Hampi.
Mind Map Experimental setup live at Flea 080 Jan 2014 featured on “The Hindu”, “Deccan Herald”, “City Plus” Newspapers, Bangalore.
Mind Map – Acoustic jam @ Café Buzzinga Jan 2014, Bangalore.
Mind Map live at Sunday jam March 2014 – Joint venture live, Bangalore
Mind Map Joint venture live @ Phoenix Market city with Flea 080 April 2014, Bangalore
Mind Map drum & base live at 898 steaks and Grill with Tommy jams May 2014, Bangalore.
Mind Map live jam @ Sunday Jam July 2014, Bangalore.
Mind Map live @ Runway 70 powered by monomode Aug 2014, Bangalore
Mind Map live Mind Mapping session @ Big pitcher as part of fund raiser for “Ascent of Harmonics”- an initiative for sound healing Aug 2014, Bangalore
Mind Map live Mind Mapping session @ Freedom Jam Aug 2014, Bangalore
Mind Map live Mind Mapping session & Didgeridoo making & playing workshop @ Fluid 2.0, off beat Artists Meet up Aug 2014 @ Ganga farm, Bangalore.
Mind Map Live @ Sunday Jam Sep 2014, Bangalore
Mind Map Live @ Free wheel Rollin 2 at Big Pitcher powered by sound awake, Oct 2014, Bangalore.
Mind Map live mapping session @ Drop zone powered by Spaced out spirits @ Green valley resort Dec 2014, Bangalore.
Mind Map Live @ Jam pot Jan 2015 – Opus, Bangalore.
Signed up contract with Spirited Records (Record label) for release of 1st EP – Mean Man on 23.03.2015.
Mind Map live at fete de la musique at Alliance franchise on the eve of world music day 2015.
Released our Debut EP through spirited records on 2nd July 2015.
Upcoming show
Mind Map live at Malanad calling 2015 – 15th Aug 2015 in Chikamagalur – Karnataka

Contact Us for spreading soulful music
Abhijit A Bhat – +91 8105187588
Anal Rai – +91 9986707461
Mail us on mindmapmusicindia@gmail.com
Follow us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/mindmapmusic
Follow us on sound cloud @ https://soundcloud.com/psy-didge


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