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Music is a state of mind. Penelope’s love of the music has accompanied her throughout most of her life. Having been both a guitarist and vocalist in a number of rock bands, she recently developed a passion for the electric vibes of Psytrance. Since 2014, she started producing tunes as Arkamena. Her music is best described as an eclectic blend of smooth and punchy psychedelic melodies.

She is also the Author of the Science-Fiction Book “Hypnagogic Shifters: Superposition”
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Spirited Records™ proudly  introduces Arkamena and her debut album Space Shape Analyzer


Space Shape Analyzer by Arkamena
: Stepping into Infinite

In a certain location of space, there exists a machine which produces an endless stream of notes. Because the machine needs a source of fuel, humans are created to dance to tunes that are not of their making. For eons, humans live and die, bound by time, without knowledge of their entrapment. The story of Space Shape Analyzer follows the path of humans as they end finite existence, and enter true infinity.

Track List:
01 RobotMan
02 Moon 42
03 Code-On
04 Time Stadium
05 Sineosomatic
06 End-Finity


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